About me

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I am a qualified counsellor working online, by telephone or outdoors with individual adults. I trained at the University of Aberdeen with Persona in person-centred counselling.

As a person-centred counsellor my approach is to work with you, without judgement or advice. I will provide you with the time and space to help you work out what is best for you. Sometimes we don’t know where to start, get stuck when we have too much to deal with, lack support, or our confidence has been knocked by past events. I will try to see the situation from your perspective, and will be at your side as you work out what has brought you to this point and where you go from here.

Issues I work with include anxiety, depression and low mood arising from grief and loss, family tensions, problems at work, relationships, trauma and abuse, eating disorders, sexuality, gender identity and expression, loneliness and isolation, ill health, and pregnancy and miscarriage.

I moved to working online and on the telephone to carry on my work with clients after the lockdown prevented meeting in person. I am committed to offering online or telephone counselling long term.

I recognise that online does not suit everyone and therefore also offer the option to meet outside for a walk along the beach at North Berwick or in the local area. In the open space and fresh air we can talk through whatever issue you is troubling you.

My background

I started counselling in my 40’s. Previously, I practiced as an employment lawyer in Edinburgh for over 20 years. I always loved meeting clients, hearing their stories and trying to help them resolve problems in the workplace. A turning point came in my own life and a counsellor helped me see my situation more clearly, realise what was important, and gave me the confidence to make some big decisions. I know counselling can help. I still love working with clients, but now as a counsellor. I am interested in hearing how you have reached this point and will bring all my experience and insight to help you explore how you can come to terms with where you are and find a better way forward.

Memberships and ongoing professional development

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I work within its ethical framework. Being a registered member of BACP means I have been recognised as having received training, experience and supervision as a professional and ethical practitioner. I am committed to continuing my professional development.

I have undertaken extensive training in online and telephone counselling and have qualified as a member of ACTO, the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online.

Alongside private practice I volunteer as a counsellor in Edinburgh at PF Counselling. For several years I volunteered as a counsellor at LGBT Health and Wellbeing. I practice affirmatively (pronouns she/her) and welcome working with gender, sexuality and relationship diversity.

I am a registered therapist with Cigna Healthcare.

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